Google Play Protect Update Prevents Applications Containing Scams

Google Play Protect Update Prevents Applications Containing Scams

Google Play Protect has been updated to prevent scam apps and keep Android users safe. It can detect viruses in installed applications, but cannot guarantee the safety of banking apps. The update checks app permissions misused by hackers, such as RECEIVE_SMS, READ_SMS, BIND_Notifications, and Accessibility permissions. Developed with Cyber ​​Security Singapore, the feature is currently only available in Singapore. It monitors app activity and provides fraud protection when installing third-party apps. This update is a smart step to prevent hackers from accessing SMS and notifications, limiting user data and preventing unwanted access. (FY/IF), Jakarta – The latest update to Google Play Protect provides the ability to prevent scam apps to keep Android phone users safe.

As a reminder, since its initial launch, Google Play Protect has helped Android users to scan installed applications and detect whether they contain viruses or not.

Even though it is able to detect viruses such as malware, this application cannot guarantee that the banking application on your cellphone is 100% safe. For example, hackers only need to get the password via the OTP code received via SMS to break into a user’s account.


As quoted The telephone from Gizmochina, Google Play Protect will now check the permissions the app requires. These permissions are the ones most often misused by hackers to carry out scams, namely the RECEIVE_SMS, READ_SMS, BIND_Notifications, and Accessibility permissions.

This feature is a new function that Google revealed for Play Protect. Hackers can view incoming SMS messages and notifications with this permission, and they can even use the device without the user’s knowledge with accessibility permission.

Because the Play Protect feature was developed in collaboration with Cyber ​​Security Singapore. Unfortunately, Google only provides this feature in Singapore at this time.

Users in Singapore will be the first to receive this scam prevention tool from Google. This new feature from Google will always monitor what applications are doing in the background regarding permissions.

Google states that this allows users to use banking applications safely and conveniently. Play Protect’s fraud protection kicks in when users install third-party apps, such as APK files downloaded from the internet. If the app requests all four permissions, a report will be provided to the user.


This update is a very smart step to check the four permissions RECEIVE_SMS, READ_SMS, BIND_Notifications and Accessibility. This is able to stop hackers from seeing SMS and notifications that come to the user’s cellphone, thereby limiting the user data provided to the application and preventing unwanted things. (FY/IF)


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