customer service and problem resolution

customer service and problem resolution

If you have basic problems with Binance, it’s best to search the website using the search engine first. There is no helpline, but you can send comments with suggestions or problems, or chat with customer service on the website. Contact can also be made through Binance’s social media profiles or support chat on the website. The support chat allows users to ask new questions and connect with a customer service representative. Additionally, users can send comments and suggestions through the Binance Feedback website. Lastly, users can check their comment history and attach files to their comments or suggestions.

It is not a way to contact Binance but we can solve a series of basic problems without having to talk to customer service or support, we can simply use the search engine to find or resolve any questions we have without an operator explaining how to do it. . It must be the first step.

Contact Binance

We can not contact Binance through no helpline or support But we can send comments with suggestions or problems or we can do it through a chat on the website. Also through social networks where we will find the different profiles of the account in different available languages ​​and depending on the different countries we can write on Twitter, Instagram.

In social networks

One of the ways to contact Binance is to do so through their social networks where we can contact in addition to seeing all the news. There are many official accounts depending on the country you are in and we can contact from Twitter, from Instagram, from Facebook…

On Twitter we can contact Binance through its Twitter profile in Spanish that we will find on the microblogging social network as @BinanceES. But there are also specific profiles depending on the country you are in and we can find a specific account for Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile or Paraguay…

Binance Esp Twitter

On Instagram we can also find the official Binance account in English but also other accounts in Spanish such as @binancespanish or specific profiles for the countries already mentioned on Twitter: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay…

All profile accounts allow us to see publications, stories with information and news… Or we can contact by private message although it is not the fastest or most direct way to receive help since we will have to wait for a response.

BinanceEsp Instagram

Support chat

We can also find a support chat on the website that we will see on the right of the screen, at the bottom. Here we will see that there are a series of possible questions that we can tap on to ask them in the chat but we can also choose the option “I want to ask a new question.” to write what we need. If nothing they suggest works for you, simply check “Unresolved problem” and use the dialog box to write your question.

It may take a few minutes and you will see a message that says: “Please wait a moment while we put you in touch with a customer service representative. You can provide more details, attach images (if necessary) and minimize the chat window. You will receive a notification when the representative connects to the chat” along with the estimated wait time for an agent to assist you.

After this time you can contact Binance through an operator or agent who will resolve any questions you have with the application or any problem.

chat Binance

Send comments and suggestions

Binance also has a section where we can send comments. Binance has a section that allows us to send comments on all types of content and sections such as language and translations, design and layout, security vulnerabilities, product suggestions… We can give opinions that the team reviews and that will be taken into account to improve the website or the different products according to the different comments received by different users. They collect the following from Binance: “We treat security as our number one priority and we hope to continue improving our product by building it with you in the future. Discover gaps or product potential and track the status of projects.” We will not contact but we can send suggestions and we will do this from the Binance Feedback website.

The first thing we must have is an account in which we have previously logged in. From the Binance website we go to the end and we will find the button “write your review”. From here we can scroll and tap on “send a comment” where we must fill out a series of data…


The first thing we are going to do is choose the type of suggestion: language and translations / design and layout / security vulnerabilities / product suggestions. We choose the type of product in the drop-down menu and we choose the platform from which we want to send the comment (electron, iOS, Android or website). We must also choose the language of the improvement and when we have already filled out or selected all these boxes we will only have to fill out the box that Binance leaves us to enter text. Additionally, we can add attachments that explain what we want to comment on or show.

We can also check comment history that you have left as long as you have an account and have previous comments or suggestions.


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