The Worst Martis Build 2024 Once the Enemy Combo Dies

The Worst Martis Build 2024 Once the Enemy Combo Dies

Martis is a very deadly Fighter hero, even from the start of the game, this hero will be very annoying and even tend to be violent, he doesn’t need to be afraid to even disturb the enemy’s buff, this reckless thing can only be done by Martis thanks to the super crazy skill set he has.

Martis is a Fighter Hero who has quite a lot of damage, supported by Crowd Control and Anti Crowd Control abilities, making this hero very annoying to deal with, so it is very natural that in whatever season and whatever meta hero Martis is, he can still be a very stable hero. to become the counter of the newcomer hero.

Martis Mobile Legends

This hero’s ability to deal Burst Damage cannot be doubted, in fact, in our opinion, Marti’s is the Fighter Hero who is easiest to get Savage thanks to the Ultimate Skill he has, where apart from having great damage, this Skill also has a passive where you will know if the enemy will die or not if you attack using Ultimate.

The Most Painful Martis Build 2024
As in the discussion above, Martis is a very strong hero even since the early game, but of course he still needs the Worst Martis Build 2024 which is able to synergize with Attack Speed and also the Burst Damage produced from his Ultimate.

Are you curious about the deadliest Martis build? The following is the Worst Martis Build that we recommend for you to use.

What are Martis’ build items?
Tought Boots
Hunter Strike
Bloodlust Axe
Dominae Ice
Blade of Dispair
Rose Gold Meteor
Top Global Worst Martis Build

The Martis build is often used by the global top 1-10 this season. This build is ranked at the top as the most popular Martis build and is often used in ranked mode by pro players.

Build Martis Semi Tank

Almost the same as the previous Hyper Martis build, this build focuses on damage items and defensive items which will make Martis very strong when dueling in the EXP lane.

Explanation and Use of Martis Skills
Martis is a hero who has a difficulty level that is not classified as high, so learning this hero to face meta heroes can be an alternative when you can’t use the meta hero.
For those of you who want to learn about this hero, here is an explanation and use of Martis’ skills that you should know.

Passive (Ashura’s Wrath)
Martis is a hero who does not have a Mana or Energy Bar, and to use his Skills he does not consume anything. Every time Martis uses his Skills, he will get a Passive Stack which will last for 4 seconds.
Stacks can be collected up to 4 stacks, and each stack will increase Martis’ attack speed by 30%, maximum up to 120%. Keeping the stack active when the fight occurs will be very important, because this passiveness makes Martis a very dominating hero even from the start of the game.

Skill 1 (Ashura Aura)
This skill is area in nature and is a very annoying Crowd Control Skill that this hero has, because when this Skill is active Marti will emit sharp fangs from the ground and the target affected by this Skill will be shifted towards the middle of the Skill, this Skill will be very suitable if combined with Skill 2 Martis.
Targets hit by this skill will receive 340 physical damage (+130% extra physical attack) and a slow effect of 40% for 2 seconds.

Skill 2 (Mortal Coil)
No less annoying than Skill 1, this Skill is also a Skill that is really avoided by opposing Heroes. When this Skill is active Martis will slash strongly in the direction you specify 3 times in a row, after that Marti will leave 1 attack. You can use it to continue attacking or escape using this skill.

Opponents who are hit by the first 3 attacks will receive 150(+70% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage and a Knock Back Effect, as long as the skill lasts, and the last attack from this Skill will deal 200(+150% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage. ) and Knockup Effect on opponents.

Apart from producing annoying Crowd Control from this Skill, what is worse is that this Skill is also Anti Crowd Control from opposing heroes. When Martis is using Skill 2 he will be Immune to all Crowd Control Effects and the Damage received will be reduced by 60%

Skill 3 (Decimation)
This skill is an area skill that you can only use when there is an enemy hero unit within your attack range. You cannot use this skill on any unit other than the opponent’s hero unit. Those who are hit by this attack will receive physical damage of 650 (+100). % Total Physical Attack), If the Target’s HP is below 50%, this Skill Attack will produce True Damage,

If you succeed in eliminating your opponent using Skill 3, then Martis can use this skill again for a duration of 10 seconds. Then Martis’ Movement Speed will increase by 100% for 5 seconds. Apart from that, Martis will also immediately get all the Passive Stacks, which means his Attack Speed. will increase by 120%.

The most GG thing about this Skill is the Ultimate Indicator which you can see under the opponent’s hero unit’s feet. If the Ultimate Indicator is visible it means that the Hero Unit you attacked using Ultimate is certain to die, so with this indicator it can make it easier for you to get Savege when Martis uses it. The ultimate.

Deadliest Martis Skill Combo
Martis is a hero who really relies on the Passive Stack to maximize his Combo, Even when he has done Ultimate, for the Combo you can use Skill 1 + Skill 2, After the Passive Stack is Full you can use Basic Attack, as much as possible maintain your passive either by using Skill 2 is the last or use Skill 1 again. Then if the Opponent Hero Unit has an Ultimate Indicator appear then immediately use Skill 3 Ultimate.

Recommended Battle Spells and Emblem Sets
Recommended Battle Spells
Even though Martis is immune to Crowd Control Effects, of course this is limited and has a time duration, so you will need Escape Spells such as Flicker or Purify to survive better.

Emblem Set Recommendations
The ideal emblem set to use is the Assassin Emblem Set with a composition of 3 Agility, 3 Invasion, Talent Killing Spree, you can also use the Fighter Emblem Set with an arrangement of 3 Bravery, 3 Invasion, Talen Festival of Blood.
So, that’s our brief review of the Worst Martis Item 2024, the strongest anti-crowd control fighter. For those of you who are curious, good luck trying it. For those of you who have other build item recommendations, please leave a comment. Thank You.


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