Similar to TikTok, LinkedIn Feed will feature vertical videos

Similar to TikTok, LinkedIn Feed will feature vertical videos

LinkedIn is testing a new feature that allows vertical videos similar to TikTok on its platform. Vertical video is popular on various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Some users and companies have already seen this feature on their feeds. LinkedIn will be adding a video tab to watch videos continuously. The company previously had the Story feature, but it didn’t last long. LinkedIn is aiming to attract professional content creators and company leaders to upload videos. The company is working to develop the video feature to enhance the user experience.

┬áLinkedIn is known to be testing a feature that allows the app’s feed to display vertical video. This type of video itself is similar to what is found on the social media TikTok.

If you look at current trends, vertical video is one of the most popular formats and is widely used on various platforms. That includes TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Even the music streaming application Spotify uses this video format.

Now, LinkedIn as a career networking platform doesn’t seem to want to miss out on presenting vertical video formats on its services.


Even so, this feature cannot yet be enjoyed by the public. However, some users and companies using LinkedIn have seen this feature.

An Instagram employee named Jenny Eishingdrelo has shared a screenshot of a vertical video that appeared on LinkedIn. This video features Austin Null, a marketing influencer.

LinkedIn Video VerticalLinkedIn Video Vertical

In addition, a new video tab will be added to the LinkedIn application, which indicates that there is a special feed that will display videos periodically. This allows users to utilize the same platform as TikTok or Reels on Instagram by swiping to view videos continuously.

Indeed, this is not the first time the company has taken advantage of the trending social media format. Because, previously the platform also presented the Story feature. Unfortunately this feature didn’t last long and only lasted less than a year.

However, LinkedIn suggests that its experiment in delivering trending features is working. The company explained that it is working to develop the Stories feature into a redesigned video experience in the app, reports Engadget.


This vertical video feed seems to be targeted by LinkedIn so that professional content creators and company leaders upload videos to their feed. Although it is still unclear how many LinkedIn users are interested in videos on this application. (FY/IF)


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