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Download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp Gold apk

WhatsApp Golden apk against the ban WhatsApp Goldani is the name of the modified version of the official version of WhatsApp. Which contains more advanced features along with those of the original version. Today, it is one of the most popular photo and video sharing applications and many of them also offer advanced features. The app is designed with a new incognito mode feature which was not present in the original version of WhatsApp. The application has a feature to hide online status and last visit, in this case you can surf the internet without anyone knowing. Another feature of this application is sending messages to an unlimited number of people. Customize emojis and use new features to improve WhatsApp Gold and satisfy many users in this version.

 Application name WHATSAPP GOLD
 Application version Q30
 Modification date March 16, 2024
 Application developer App Development Team
 Requirements to run the application Android 4+
 Application category WhatsApp Gold
 Download size 70MB

Downloading WhatsApp Gold 2024 WhatsApp Gold apk allows you to send large files, which in 2024 allows you to use it to send the media files you want to your friends. Support for sending in different formats means that you do not have any limitations in this regard and you can easily send files with just a few clicks. Use consistent, flawless security and high speed to allow you to work in complete privacy, no one can access your information. Exactly, it is another professional version of the old and original WhatsApp Gold version available on our website and always updated here.

What is WhatsApp Gold apk?

Download WhatsApp Golden, the application is very popular among the unofficial versions of WhatsApp, which adds many interesting features to this application. As we know, Abu Arab’s WhatsApp Gold update changed the world in a way that is difficult to imagine life without. With its popularity, WhatsApp Gold has managed to make SMS or text messages almost obsolete and reduce phone calls by more than 50%. As a result, it is not surprising that the developers are considering updating this app and making their features more than they are. Even though WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded Android apps, WhatsApp Gold has proven that they care a lot about adding multiple features to their apps. WhatsApp Gold APK was developed by the application developer, which includes many features that you will learn later.

Download WhatsApp Gold 2024 for Android. Different types of themes that the user can modify or customize. Also, in this application, you no longer have restrictions on words and letters in your statuses. The number of story characters for the old and original WhatsApp Gold program has increased to 250 characters. The option to send any file up to 50MB is also possible in this plan. Also, for video transfer, this size increased significantly and reached 1 GB. Encrypting chats separately is another feature of the app for privacy. Since WhatsApp Gold Free is an editing app, it is not in the Play Store. But there is no need to worry about the security of the application, because there are no security issues in the application. You can now download WhatsApp Gold for free with a direct link from our website for both iPhone and Android.

🤔How to update WhatsApp Gold 2024 with a direct link

The correct way to update your WhatsApp Gold Missing calls is a simple and easy method but many people ignore it. This may lead to losing their calls to the WhatsApp Gold apk application. You must first make a backup copy, and this step is very necessary.

Then all we have to do is download WhatsApp Gold, latest version 2024, the new version, and install it. Now you have updated your copy of WhatsApp Gold to the latest version, and if you have a problem with the installation, check the space on your device. Is there enough memory on the phone?

If this is not the problem, it means that you are not using our version of WhatsApp Gold and update the software to the latest version. All you have to do is delete the previous version and install our version, and don’t forget to make a backup before that.

Is the WhatsApp Gold application safe?

WhatsApp Gold apk, then downloading it from our website is considered a completely safe version, and you can confirm this by checking, and as we said in many articles on our website. Downloading WhatsApp Gold, latest version 2024, is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. New features have been added, or as for the database of the Golden WhatsApp program, it uses the same database as the official version, and receives the same WhatsApp updates, and as long as these databases are secure, the WhatsApp Gold is also secure.

Downloading WhatsApp Gold is safe and depends on where you are downloading it from, always make sure to check the version you are downloading, there are many popular sites that do this. You do not even have to download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold and upload it to it. All you have to do is give him the download link from our site, and the site will be responsible for verifying that, and it will tell you all the things related to the application and other things.

🤗What’s new in WhatsApp Gold 2024, the latest version V30

🎲Add video and photo preview feature.

🎲The feature of updating WhatsApp Gold and saving your friends’ stories and adding them to your status.

🎲Enable poll creation and voting.

🎲Exclusive Then add custom emojis in the new version of WhatsApp Gold by double clicking on any conversation (conversation screen > 3 dots).

🎲Feature to show blocked calls alert when call privacy is enabled.

🎲There is now an option to disable double tap to like.

🎲 Add the golden WhatsApp icon next to the group name to know the group owner.

🎲Fix the color of the audio/video icon on the call screen.

🎲Fix some errors in Arabic translation.

🎲The ability to share photos, videos, and multiple files in WhatsApp Gold. Time to share chat to external applications.

🎲Single tap on the chat bubble and quick options will appear.

🎲Adding the Urdu language.

🎲Explore add-ons in 2024 WhatsApp Gold to get a beautiful theme.

🎲Enable filtering of unread messages using search.

🎲Activate a new drawing pen.

🎲For privacy, you can choose who can see you when you are online through (Settings > Account > Privacy).

😊What are the most important and prominent features of WhatsApp Gold, latest version?

There are many things in the updated version of WhatsApp Gold, the latest update, that are not in the other version, the most important of which are:

🎲The ability to disconnect the Internet from WhatsApp only: Many people want to disconnect the Internet from the latest version of WhatsApp Gold so that they do not want to receive calls while browsing the Internet. Downloading WhatsApp Gold, latest version 2024, allows this feature, because by clicking on an icon similar to the Wi-Fi icon, the user This will cut off the internet on the WhatsApp Gold application only, not the other applications, and you can reconnect by clicking on it again.

🎲The ability to see friends’ statuses without showing them: In this version of the original Abu Arab WhatsApp, there is a feature that makes the user follow the statuses of his friends without explaining to them that he has seen them. To activate this feature, click on the three perpendicular dots on the right side of the screen, then select the seventh option from The menu that shows them, which is “Hide that you saw status”.

🎲Hide the phrase “Writing”: You can hide this word in the WhatsApp Gold update by clicking on the three vertical dots, then choosing the fourth option that appears, which is: “Writing”, and thus the phrase “Writing” will not appear to your friends.

🎲Hide incoming messages: You can hide that you receive messages from your friends on WhatsApp Gold, by clicking on the three perpendicular dots, then choosing the third option, “Inbox,” then choosing the side from which you want to hide the inbox. Contacts or groups.

🎲Hide two reading plates: You can hide these two plates by clicking on the three vertical dots and then choosing the second option, “Reading plates.” After that, a window will appear containing two options, which are to hide from contacts or groups, download WhatsApp Gold updates, and copy Abu Al-Arab’s WhatsApp, and you can choose which You want it from them or you hide both options.

🎲Hide the phrase of the recorded audio clip: You can hide this phrase by clicking on the three perpendicular dots in the year 2024, and choosing the fifth option, which is: Recording in progress.

🎲Hide appearance: The user can hide his appearance in downloading WhatsApp Gold, latest update 2024, by entering the three perpendicular dots, and choosing the first option, which is: “Hide appearance.”

🎲Notifications feature: The WhatsApp Gold application contains a notifications feature, which alerts you to all the events that your friends perform, such as connecting to the application, changing their status or photo, or reading or responding to your message.

🎲The ability to create multiple accounts: The latest version of WhatsApp Gold allows users to create 5 accounts in the same application, and this can be done by clicking on Add Account and putting the number and activating it when the message containing the code arrives, and you can switch between accounts easily using the accounts key Located in the application settings.

🎲Diverse Themes Store: WhatsApp Gold gives users the option to easily change the internal appearance of the application, such as icons, fonts, and colors, by entering the Theme Store and choosing the appropriate theme for the user.

🎲The ability to download friends’ statuses: WhatsApp Gold allows you to download all the statuses published by your friends by clicking on the status and selecting the download option until the status becomes available on your device.

🎲Hide calls: The user can hide calls by long pressing on the desired call and choosing the hide option.

🎲 Sending audio clips: 100 MB in size, while the WhatsApp Gold update does not allow sending clips of this size.

🎲Send 30 MB video clips, while regular WhatsApp clips of this size cannot be sent.

🎲Increasing the story characters to 250 characters, while WhatsApp Gold allows a smaller number of characters.

🎲No need for manual updating. WhatsApp Gold is characterized by the fact that it updates itself automatically without requiring the user to download the update. Ability to view a person’s message in a group separately outside the chat.

How to download the old and original WhatsApp Gold:

How to download the WhatsApp Gold application on our website is a simple process that does not require a long explanation. Through our websites, we provide direct links for downloading, just as we do in all our articles, and as you know, the WhatsApp Gold version is not available on Play. Therefore, our team uploads the copy for you and gives a direct link through our website, which is a site famous for its ease of downloading, as all you have to do is click on the link below and wait for a few seconds and you will be directed to the application to download, and all you have to do is click on download WhatsApp Gold and The download will start directly and after downloading the latest update, all you have to do is install it and enjoy all its features, which we will deal with directly later in this paragraph.

Please be aware, dear visitor, that downloading #WhatsApp Gold is a modified version and cannot be found in the Play Store or any of the well-known stores, because it violates their policy. Any version you see there is only a fake copy and not WhatsApp Gold apk, at all, as those copies are not Connected to serversWhatsAppAt all, you will not be fooled by them, and often these versions are full of ads and their goal is profit only, unlike the original WhatsApp Gold version, it does not contain ads, and even if the original version of the main WhatsApp adds them, you will not find them in downloading WhatsApp Gold at all. This is one of its features that makes it the best version ever.

Download WhatsApp Gold

What’s new in the latest version of WhatsApp Gold update?

◼The possibility of not saving photos and videos of WhatsApp Gold apk in the gallery of your Android phone.

◼You can also recover all deleted messages and read them again.

◼You can also hide the last seen feature so that they do not know whether they have read your message or not, and this feature will not read the message until you reply to it.

◼There is also a backup and message recovery feature.

◼You can send large files without being restricted to a specific size.

◼You can also upload longer statuses, even within the WhatsApp Gold app, as videos longer than seven minutes differ from the original app.

◼The stickers feature also supports downloading the WhatsApp Gold update with a direct link, where you can change the chat background, add a background of your choice, and change WhatsApp themes.

◼You will learn many other features in this application.

◼In this version, you can enable the ability to prevent deletion of sent messages.

◼You can also add the ability to stop automatic media downloads if you are annoyed by the photos your friends post in the group. You can use this feature to turn it off.

◼You can get to know the people on WhatsApp Gold. And those connected to the Internet. This is done by looking at the circle in the background of the contact on the home page, as the new update allows us to use this feature on the latest version.

◼You can also read the entire long message, but the word Read More will not be found in the messages that was present in older versions, so it has been removed in this version.

◼This feature is available in this version. You can control whether a blue check mark appears when messages reach you.

◼This version includes animations that can be added to new themes.

◼The application contains an option to enable themes via ZIP files.

◼The original WhatsApp Golden 2024 updates contain a new user interface that allows you to highlight text on the chat screen. You can do this easily, dear reader. All you have to do is click on the three dots to select the text.

◼The feature of preventing deletion of photos and videos after viewing them on WhatsApp Gold has been added.

◼You can view media sent to the chat multiple times, including photos and videos.

◼Hide the word “More” in messages in the WhatsApp Gold update.

◼Increase the number of characters written in the status section.

It adds many fixes and improvements to speed up applications and improve process performance.

🤔How to transfer from WhatsApp Gold and the original WhatsApp application?

◼Go to WhatsApp Gold > Settings > Chats > Backup to avoid losing any of your chat history.

◼Then delete and uninstall the WhatsApp Gold update (only if you want to run WhatsApp Gold with the same official WhatsApp number).

◼Then install WhatsApp Gold.

◼After installing the APK file, download it to your mobile device.

◼Wait until the downloading process is complete then turn on your phone’s notifications, go to download the file and tap on the file name to install it.

◼You will see the Golden WhatsApp page with some data and information. All you have to do is scroll to the install button at the bottom.

◼Wait a while until the WhatsApp Gold application is installed successfully, then open the application, create a simple login, and follow the instructions in the application.

😏Some frequently asked questions about WhatsApp Gold

◼Does WhatsApp Gold support stickers?

In WhatsApp Gold, you can get many wonderful stickers through the sticker download store, in addition to that you can add stickers from outside the store in this version and you will be able to send and receive stickers without any problems and solve the annoying problem of sending stickers.

◼Does the latest version of WhatsApp Gold support binary encryption?

If you don’t know what double encryption, two-factor verification, or end-to-end encryption is, this is the type of security that WhatsApp uses to encrypt messages between two parties using a key that is automatically verified between them. This amazing encryption is invisible to users, does not allow messages to be intercepted and opened, and has been tested within the WhatsApp application. Without it, you will not be able to communicate with other users via WhatsApp.

◼WhatsApp Gold Is WhatsApp safe?

The WhatsApp Gold application is one of the safe applications and has been tested by our team. You can download the latest version from the developer’s direct download link. . Download the WhatsApp Gold app If you read the previous line carefully, you can definitely see that I mentioned that WhatsApp Gold is a secure version and runs on the same server as regular WhatsApp.

How to download WhatsApp Gold 2024?

If you want to upgrade WhatsApp Gold to the latest version, follow these steps:

When you open the application, an update message will appear.

Click above to get the latest version of WhatsApp Gold.

After downloading, open the application.

Restore messages and media from backup.

Now if a message appears with new features, it means that the app has been updated successfully.

WhatsApp Gold download link

Download WhatsApp Gold


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