How can I request the birth certificate online

How can I request the birth certificate online

To request your birth certificate online, you can go to the Civil Registry office or do it electronically if born after 1950. The certificate includes registry information, personal details, and the certifying official’s signature and seal. It is required for obtaining ID, passport, pensions, marriage, school enrollment, inheritance, and professional associations. To order it online, visit the Ministry of Justice’s website, choose the Electronic Birth Certification Application, and select the identification method. You can also request it without an electronic certificate by providing personal and certification data. Other options include requesting via email, regular mail, or in person at the Civil Registry office, with the necessary information and identification.

So we are going to explain to you How to request your birth certificate online. But first of all, you must keep in mind that there are several procedures in which they will ask you for this document. You should also know that you can go to a Civil Registry office to request it or do it completely electronically if you were born after 1950. And, when requesting it, keep in mind that you can use the digital certificate of the FNMT or the DNIe so that the process goes faster, although you can also do it without them and by filling out a longer questionnaire with your data.

What is the birth certificate

The birth certificate is the document issued by the person in charge of the corresponding Civil or Consular Registry, which attests to the fact of birth, date on which it took place, sex, and, if applicable, the time at which the birth occurred and the affiliation of the registered person. Likewise, electronic birth certificates with an electronic seal from the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries may be issued based on the data contained in the central database of people registered in the Civil Registries.

This type of certification will include:

  • The Registry, with indication in the Municipal Registers of the term and province, and in the Consular Registers, of the population and State.
  • The identity of the registered person, with the mentions that appear in the registration.
  • The page and volume of the entry, or the corresponding folio and file.
  • The date, name and signature of the Person in Charge or of the certifying Secretary, and seal of the office.
  • When it comes to the electronic seal of the General Directorate of Registries and Notaries, information will be included on the secure verification code, the procedure for verifying the content of the document being issued and the date of issue.

What is it for

If you are wondering about the different uses or What is the birth certificate needed for? The truth is that it is used for various procedures. The first thing you should know is that, in case a person is interested in consulting the data regarding the newborn for personal reasons or explains other circumstances, they will have the assurance that they can be found in said organizations. On the other hand, the birth certificate is essential for various procedures with the Official Administrations:

  • Obtaining a person's first ID or passport.
  • Obtaining the pension.
  • The celebration of a marriage or its dissolution.
  • Enrollment in a school.
  • Obtaining or accessing an inheritance.
  • Obtaining the first passport.
  • Access to a professional association or other official body.

On the contrary, if what you want is to consult the information from the Civil Registry regarding the newborn for personal reasons, it would be enough to request a birth certificate extract. But if you need to present the birth certificate to any Public Administration, it is most likely that you will only be able to carry out the corresponding procedure with the literal birth certificate.

How to order it

To request it, the first thing you have to do is enter the website of the Electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Justice. Once inside, you will have to click on the Birth Certificate/Certification option found in the Procedures column. This will be what takes you to the process page. Here, you will have two options: obtain the simple note from the civil registry or the electronic birth certification for yourself. Since you most likely want the latter, you will have to click on the Online processing with Cl@ve button for Electronic Birth Certification Application to start the process.

When you do so, you will be directly redirected to the Cl@ve system page, where you must choose the method to identify yourself. Here you should keep in mind that the fastest way to do it is by checking the Access DNIe/Electronic Certificate option to use the certificate you have in the browser or the electronic DNI. When you press it, a window will open in which you will be asked for the digital certificate that you have installed. In it, you just have to choose the one from the FNMT and click on Accept to verify your identity.


After this, there will be the last part of the process: you have two methods to request the certificate. The first is use birth registration data, which may be a little more complex. In any case, you will have to fill in this information and click on Continue. There you will be taken to a data confirmation page and, when you do, you will be given the certificate immediately unless there is an error. But, as we have said, also You will have another option called Other data. In this case, you would have to fill in some much simpler information: you will only have to enter the municipality in whose civil registry the parents were registered, the date of birth, and the names of the parents. Afterwards, you will have to click on Continue and only verify the data in the second step. All this, so that it can later be shown in the certificate if these data are correct.

How to request it without an electronic certificate

You see that this birth certificate can be requested online with the electronic certificate or with the electronic DNI, but you should also know that you can do it without it and also online. In this case, you will have the option of Online processing without digital certificate. And, instead of asking you for the certificate, what they will ask you for is various information on a form to verify your identity.

Without certificate

Of course, before you start doing it, you should keep in mind that the amount of data they will ask you to request your identity will be much greater than that of the previous process. And, of course, in the previous procedure everything goes digitally as they are registered with the electronic certificate, but here it doesn't work like that. Therefore, you will have to provide your personal information and that of your address, in addition to certification data, birth recordsand the data of the person for whom the certification is requested.

Other ways to request it

In addition to these ways to request said certificate, you can do it in several ways. First of all, you can do it via email. To obtain the certificate in this way, it is necessary to review an e-mail address which will be answered in the event that the certification is negative or there is some impediment for the certification to be issued. Once the certificate request has been sent electronically, it will be received at the indicated address by ordinary mail, where it will be sent as soon as possible.

Another way to do it is by regular mail. Here you must send a letter to the Civil Registry where the registration is recorded, clearly indicating the name and address to which the certificate must be sent, and stating different information in the application. Among them are the name, surname and date of birth, the Volume and Page data in which it is registered, specify the type of certificate and an address where the certificate can be sent and a contact telephone number, in case any information needs to be clarified. . Finally, you can also do it in person, by going to the corresponding Civil Registry offices and with the applicant's ID and the Family Book.


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