Apart from Langit Musik, Nuon has the Langitku Music Aggregator

Apart from Langit Musik, Nuon has the Langitku Music Aggregator

Nuon has launched a music aggregator service called Langitku, aimed at helping musicians and music creators distribute their work on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and TikTok Music. The service is part of Nuon’s efforts to strengthen its digital entertainment offerings, in addition to the existing Langit Musik streaming platform. Nuon has collaborated with major labels and promises to disseminate musicians’ songs on various popular streaming services. The service is also available for indie and home musicians to use for free, with the hope of helping local musicians gain more visibility on digital platforms.

Nuon strengthens digital entertainment services by introducing a music aggregator service called Langitku. This service can be used by musicians or other music creators.

For your information, to upload songs or music to various digital streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok Music, and YouTube Music, a creator needs a music aggregator service to distribute their work.

Nuon is here trying to facilitate that, by presenting the Langkitku music aggregator service. Previously, Nuon as part of the Telkom Group also offered digital music streaming platform service Langit Musik.


“Apart from having the Langit Musik streaming service, we also have an aggregator service music to help musicians distribute their work on various platforms,” ​​said Aris Sadewo, CEO of Nuon at the Media Luncheon event in Jakarta on Wednesday (07/02/2024)

Aris also promises that this aggregator service will disseminate musicians’ songs on various popular platform services, so that their songs can be heard by many people, even though Langitku is under the same umbrella as Langit Musik.

“Even though we are focused on developing Langit Musik, songs distributed through our aggregator service will also be available on popular streaming services such as Spotify for smartphone users,” said Aris.

Apart from Spotify, this service will also help distribute songs to other platforms, for example YouTube Music, Smule, TikTok Music, and also on Langit Musik.

Nuon’s Langitku service is said to have collaborated with various major labels, such as Warner Music Group, Nagaswara, Aquarius Musikindo, Universal Music, Sony Music, and many more.

Meanwhile, Adib Hidayat VP Digital Music Nuon explained that indie musicians or home musicians who want to use the Nuon music aggregator can use this for free.


With the existence of a music aggregator service that can be used free of charge for creators, Nuon hopes that local musicians can distribute their work to digital platforms so that they can be more widely known.


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