2024 Ultimate Gusion Build | Best Item, Emblem, and Spell

√ Build Gusion Tersakit 2024 | Item, Emblem, Spell

In Mobile Legends, Gusion is a highly skilled assassin who excels in dealing burst damage to his enemies. With the right build and strategy, Gusion can be a formidable force on the battlefield. In this article, we will discuss the best build for Gusion in 2024, including his recommended items, emblem, and spell.

Item Build:
1. Calamity Reaper: This item provides Gusion with bonus magic damage after using a skill, which is essential for maximizing his burst damage potential.
2. Magic Shoes: Cooldown reduction is vital for Gusion as it allows him to use his skills more frequently, increasing his overall damage output.
3. Concentrated Energy: This item provides Gusion with sustainability in team fights, thanks to its passive that heals him for a percentage of the damage dealt by his skills.
4. Holy Crystal: Holy Crystal gives Gusion a substantial boost in magic power, increasing the damage of his skills significantly.
5. Divine Glaive: This item provides Gusion with additional magic penetration, allowing him to cut through his enemies’ magic resistance and deal more damage.
6. Blood Wings: Blood Wings further increases Gusion’s damage output by providing him with additional magic power, as well as bonus HP to improve his survivability.

For Gusion, the Mage emblem is the most suitable choice, as it provides him with magic power, cooldown reduction, and magic penetration, all of which are essential for maximizing his damage potential.

For Gusion, Flicker is the best spell choice, as it allows him to reposition quickly and escape dangerous situations. Additionally, Flicker can be used aggressively to catch enemies off guard and secure kills.

Overall, this build for Gusion prioritizes maximizing his burst damage potential while also providing him with sustainability and survivability in team fights. By following this build and utilizing the recommended emblem and spell, players can unleash the full potential of Gusion and dominate the battlefield in Mobile Legends.


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