Snapchat Users Can Create Pet Avatars with AI

Snapchat Users Can Create Pet Avatars with AI

Snapchat users can now create AI-powered avatars of their pets through the Bitmoji feature, available by subscribing to Snapchat+. Users can take a photo of their pet, and AI will generate different avatar options based on the image. While the pet avatars may not be as accurate as Bitmoji based on the user’s appearance, they aim to resemble the pets as closely as possible. Snapchat+ offers exclusive features like the MyAI assistant and creative camera filters. Non-subscribers can still enjoy new features like a template feature and longer video uploads. Snapchat+ was launched in 2022 to enhance the AI-powered experience.

Snapchat users can now enjoy a new feature that allows them to create AI-powered avatars based on their pets.

As is known, many social media in the current era provide avatar features created with AI for their users. However, this is only limited to representing the user’s appearance.

Currently, Snapchat is taking a quite different approach by allowing users to create pet avatars through AI technology.


However, to create an avatar known as Bitmoji for a pet, users must subscribe to the paid Snapchat+ program.

To create a Bitmoji for their pet, users only need to take a photo of the animal, such as their cat or dog. Then, the AI ​​will generate several different versions of the avatar to choose from, reports Gizmochina.

Although this feature does not have the same level of similarity as Bitmoji based on the user’s appearance, AI will provide a pet avatar as similar as possible to the captured image.

Snapchat+ itself has been launched since 2022. This subscription program offers exclusive features to the AI-powered experience, such as the MyAI assistant feature, creative camera filters with Dreams, and AI-generated photos.

Meanwhile, users who do not subscribe to Snapchat+ can still enjoy various new features. Some of these features are a new template feature that can be used to simplify editing video clips, a new swipe gesture feature to make editing and sending content easier.


Apart from that, those who don’t subscribe to Snapchat+ can also upload longer videos, with a duration of up to 3 minutes when taking a video directly in the application, and a duration of up to 5 minutes when uploading a video from the gallery. (FY/IF)


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