Oh no! Microsoft Will Disable Android Apps on Windows 11

Oh no!  Microsoft Will Disable Android Apps on Windows 11

Microsoft to End Support for Android Apps on Windows 11 by March 2025

Microsoft has announced that support for Android applications on Windows 11 will officially end on March 5, 2025. This change is attributed to the discontinuation of the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA), which allowed users to run Android apps on their Windows 11 devices. Consequently, access to the Amazon Appstore and all Android apps on Windows 11 PCs will be terminated after this date.

Background of Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA)

The Windows Subsystem for Android was introduced in 2021, enabling Windows 11 users to run Android applications either by sideloading them or downloading them from the Amazon Appstore. This feature was well-received as it bridged the gap between mobile and desktop ecosystems, making it easier for users to access a broader range of apps on their PCs.

Reasons Behind the Discontinuation

Microsoft’s decision to discontinue WSA support was quietly revealed through an update in their developer documentation. While the company has not provided an extensive public explanation, several factors might have influenced this decision:

  1. Competition with Apple: Apple’s M1 chip, introduced in 2020, supports running iOS apps on macOS. Microsoft’s move to end Android app support on Windows 11 could be seen as a strategic response to Apple’s advancements, possibly indicating a shift in focus or resources.
  2. Partnership with Amazon: The reliance on Amazon’s Appstore, rather than Google’s Play Store, might have limited the app ecosystem available to Windows 11 users. This limitation could have contributed to a subpar user experience, prompting Microsoft to reconsider the viability of the WSA.

Impact on Users

Users who currently run Android applications via the Amazon Appstore on their Windows 11 PCs will retain access to these apps until March 5, 2025. However, starting March 6, 2024, new downloads of Android applications from the Amazon Appstore or the Microsoft Store will no longer be possible. This one-year window allows current users to continue using their apps but prevents new users from adding Android apps to their systems.

Future Prospects

While this move may disappoint some users, it also opens the door for Microsoft to explore new avenues in enhancing the Windows ecosystem. The end of WSA support might lead to the development of alternative solutions or improvements in other areas of the operating system.


The discontinuation of Android app support in Windows 11 marks a significant shift in Microsoft’s approach to integrating mobile and desktop environments. As the March 5, 2025 deadline approaches, users will need to adapt to these changes while anticipating potential new features or enhancements from Microsoft. This decision underscores the dynamic nature of technology and the continuous evolution of operating systems to meet user needs and industry trends.


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