LinkedIn Tests Vertical Video Feature for Enhanced User Engagement

Similar to TikTok, LinkedIn Feed will feature vertical videos

LinkedIn Tests Vertical Video Feature for Enhanced User Engagement

LinkedIn is experimenting with a feature that introduces vertical videos to its app’s feed, mirroring the format popularized by TikTok. This move aligns LinkedIn with current social media trends, where vertical videos dominate platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and even Spotify.

Growing Popularity of Vertical Videos

Vertical videos have become a staple across various social media and streaming platforms. TikTok’s immense success with this format has influenced other major platforms to adopt similar features, including Instagram Reels, Facebook Stories, and YouTube Shorts. Even Spotify has integrated vertical videos into its user experience.

LinkedIn’s Strategy for Vertical Videos

As a professional networking platform, LinkedIn aims to leverage the popularity of vertical videos to enhance user engagement. The new feature, currently in testing, will introduce a dedicated video tab in the app, allowing users to swipe through videos continuously, similar to the user experience on TikTok.

Initial Testing and User Feedback

Although the vertical video feature is not yet widely available, some LinkedIn users and companies have reported seeing it. Jenny Eishingdrelo, an Instagram employee, shared a screenshot of a vertical video on LinkedIn featuring marketing influencer Austin Null. This early feedback is crucial for LinkedIn as it fine-tunes the feature before a broader rollout.

LinkedIn’s History with Social Media Trends

This is not LinkedIn’s first attempt to integrate trending social media features. The platform previously introduced a Stories feature, similar to those on Instagram and Snapchat. However, LinkedIn Stories did not gain significant traction and was discontinued within a year. Despite this, LinkedIn continues to experiment with new formats to enhance user experience and engagement.

Future Prospects for LinkedIn Videos

LinkedIn’s venture into vertical videos is part of a broader strategy to redesign its video experience. The company is repurposing insights from its Stories feature to develop a more robust video offering. This redesigned experience aims to attract professional content creators and company leaders to upload engaging video content.

Implications for Professional Content Creation

The introduction of vertical videos on LinkedIn presents new opportunities for professional content creation. Videos can be a powerful tool for personal branding, thought leadership, and corporate communication. As LinkedIn continues to refine this feature, it could significantly impact how professionals and companies engage with their audience on the platform.


LinkedIn’s testing of vertical videos marks a significant step in its efforts to stay relevant and competitive in the social media landscape. By adopting a format popularized by platforms like TikTok, LinkedIn aims to enhance user engagement and offer new content creation opportunities for its professional user base. While the feature is still in its early stages, the potential for a redesigned video experience on LinkedIn is promising.


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