Google Will Present Emoji Audio Feature, There Are Fart Sounds!

Google Will Present Emoji Audio Feature, There Are Fart Sounds!

Google Phone will receive an update introducing Audio Emoji, a feature that allows users to send sound effects during calls, such as applause, laughter, and even fart sounds. Users can choose from six different sound options and trigger them by clicking on a small flag logo on the screen. However, there are limitations on using the sound effects too frequently. It remains to be seen how useful this feature will be in the long term, and Google may introduce more sound effects in the future. The update is currently available in the beta version and will be rolled out to all users soon.

Google Phone will get an update with the presence of a feature called Audio Emoji. The Emoji Audio feature can include fart sounds on a phone.

At first, the beta version of the application was discovered by 9to5Google revealed that Google plans to add Audio Emoji, which are sound effects that can be sent when users make calls.

This Audio Emoji will also provide six different sound options that users can choose from, these sounds include applause, laughing, party sounds, crying, fart sounds, and even drum sounds.


To provide these sound effects during calls, users can click on additional menus or the small flag logo at the bottom of the device screen. After the user clicks on the Audio Emoji as desired, there will be an animation that matches the sound effect.

Then, it was also discovered that this sound effect will have limitations if you use it often, so you can’t spam sound effects to other people in the call.

It is still not certain whether this feature will be functionally useful. Although this feature may be an interesting thing for some people to joke about.

It is necessary to know whether this feature will be more useful in the long term, because it is possible that Google will also provide other sound effects in the future so that this feature can be further developed.


This Audio Emoji has been rolled out via the latest Google Phone update in the beta channel, version 128. It will likely roll out to all users in the coming weeks. (FY/IF)


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