Easy Solution to Convert PNG to ICO and Edit PDF

Easy Solution to Convert PNG to ICO and Edit PDF

SwifDoo PDF is a comprehensive and affordable document management solution for Windows users. It offers essential features for working with PDF files, including text editing capabilities similar to Microsoft Word. The application prioritizes document security through encryption and watermark features, as well as electronic signatures. SwifDoo PDF is user-friendly, allowing easy sharing via cloud services and email. It also supports image management and conversion, such as PNG to ICO. The application’s compatibility and accessibility, along with flexible pricing options, make it a top choice for various users. Despite some limitations like a limited free trial, SwifDoo PDF is a reliable and multifunctional PDF editing tool.

In the world of digital document management, SwifDoo PDF emerges as a comprehensive and efficient solution for Windows users. While it may not be as popular as some of its competitors, this desktop application offers a variety of essential features for working with PDF files at a more affordable price than Adobe Acrobat DC.

SwifDoo PDF is designed with a simple but intuitive interface, making it easier for users to navigate and use various editing facilities. With main tabs that include functions such as Annotate, Edit, and Convert, users can easily find the tools needed for their specific tasks.

The text editing capabilities in SwifDoo PDF are made similar to editing documents in Microsoft Word, allowing for easy addition, deletion, and modification of text. In addition, the feature of adding and customizing text blocks provides more flexibility in document preparation.

Apart from that, document security is also a priority for SwifDoo PDF. through encryption and watermark features that ensure sensitive documents are protected from unauthorized access. The application also provides several methods for creating electronic signatures, increasing the authenticity of documents.

SwifDoo PDF makes sharing documents easy through integration with cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, as well as the option to send directly via email. This makes collaboration on documents smoother and more efficient.

Offered with a free trial period, SwifDoo PDF gives users the opportunity to test its features before committing to a subscription. With flexible monthly and annual subscription options, as well as permanent licensing options, SwifDoo PDF offers a solution that can be tailored to user needs.

Convert PNG to Ico with SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF also offers easy image management capabilities, including adding, modifying, and rearranging images in a document. These capabilities are enhanced by more than a dozen annotation tools that make it easy to tag and comment on documents. And one feature that is quite interesting is the ability to convert image formats such as PNG to Ico.

Yes, in the digital world, image formats such as PNG and ICO play an important role in various applications and user interfaces. PNG (Portable Graphics Format) is a universal raster image format that is compatible with almost all browsers, operating systems and devices. Compared to GIF, PNG offers lossless data compression that keeps image quality high and supports transparent backgrounds, making it popular on the internet. In contrast, ICO (Icon) is an image file that is generally used to represent programs, files, or folders in Microsoft Windows, containing a collection of images in various formats that also have certain transparent areas.

In search of conversion solutions PNG to ICO effectively, SwifDoo PDF emerged as a popular tool in Windows 10/11. Not only a PDF editor, SwifDoo PDF is also capable of converting images and CAD files and compressing Office documents. The main advantage of SwifDoo PDF is its ability to easily convert images to ICO format, supporting major image formats such as PNG, JPG, and BMP without limitations on the number of files.

How to Convert PNG to ICO Using SwifDoo PDF:

    1. Installation: Download and install SwifDoo PDF on your PC.


    1. Convert: In the top menu bar, select Convert > Image Converter, then select Image to ICO from the left menu bar.SwiftDoo PDF PNG to IcoSwiftDoo PDF PNG to Ico


    • Import Image: Import the PNG file you want to convert and click Start to convert it into an ICO file.


SwifDoo PDF offers various ICO sizes that can be directly selected, including 16×16, 20×20, 24×24, etc. Make sure to choose the right size before converting. Additionally, SwifDoo PDF also allows saving Office documents as images, PDF conversion to/from images, and image compression with bulk conversion and compression support.

User Friendly Interface

Providing an easy-to-use user interface is a crucial aspect of a pdf editor application. In this regard, SwifDoo PDF stands out, making it incredibly easy for both new and experienced users to navigate and get their work done effectively.

The first experience of using SwiftDoo PDF was marked by its neat and easy to understand design. Its neatly structured feature arrangement makes it easy to access important tools directly from the main toolbar. This eliminates the need to dig through complicated menus to find the desired features, as they are all available right out of the box.

The next advantage of SwifDoo PDF lies in the simplicity of its interface. This program is designed to avoid unnecessary complexity by presenting only the essential features needed for efficient PDF editing.

The drag and drop feature is one of the important points, allowing users to easily insert files into SwifDoo PDF by simply “dragging” them from the desktop or file explorer to the application window. This optimizes time and reduces the mess of selecting files manually.

Compatibility and Accessibility

In choosing a PDF editor application, compatibility and accessibility are important factors. SwifDoo PDF has excellent performance in both of these areas, making it a top choice for a wide range of users.

SwifDoo PDF for Windows supports a variety of file formats, including PDF documents generated from Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel. Furthermore, SwifDoo PDF makes it easy to access documents anytime and anywhere with its web-based platform. Only with an internet connection and browser, users can access this application. Its cloud storage feature also allows storing and retrieving documents without worrying about running out of disk space.

Price Options

SwifDoo PDF offers a pricing structure designed to meet various levels of PDF editing needs, from individual users to large enterprises. With a choice of monthly or annual subscriptions, users can choose a plan that suits their needs, whether it’s for basic editing functions or advanced features like OCR and password protection. There are also special offers for annual subscriptions that make spending more economical in the long run.

Until this news was published, on the official website, SwifDoo PDF was priced at a subscription fee of USD 16.99 per month. Meanwhile, for an annual subscription, SwifDoo PDF charges a subscription fee of USD 54 per year. Interestingly, this application can also be purchased with a permanent license for USD 79.99. Nice!

Pros and Cons of SwifDoo PDF

SwifDoo PDF offers various features that make it a reliable application for personal and professional use. However, of course there are advantages and disadvantages that can be taken into consideration.


    • More affordable annual plans, offering economical value for long-term users.


    • One tool for all your PDF related needs, making it multifunctional.


    • Requires very minimal system configuration, making it friendly to a wide range of devices.


    • Suitable even for outdated devices.


    • Easy to use user interface, making navigation and use easy.



    • The free trial is limited by days, giving you limited time to fully explore its features.


    • There is a subscription fee, perhaps a consideration for users on a limited budget.


Keeping these pros and cons in mind, SwifDoo PDF can be considered a worthy choice for those looking for an efficient and versatile PDF editing solution, considering their budget and specific needs.


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