Avoid Problematic Content, TikTok Limits User’s FYP

Avoid Problematic Content, TikTok Limits User's FYP

TikTok has enforced stricter guidelines for content creators to prevent the spread of problematic content on its platform. These rules are being implemented as the app tries to assure US lawmakers of its safety for teens. The new guidelines, effective in May, include restrictions on sexually suggestive, violent, and dangerous content, as well as content related to weight loss and conspiracy theories. Users under 16 will not have their content featured in the For Your Page (FYP) section. Content creators who repeatedly violate these rules will face consequences such as their content not being recommended and their accounts being harder to find. TikTok will also provide an account status feature to monitor compliance with the rules.

Telset.id, Jakarta – TikTok has currently increased conditions for content creators who have the potential to create problematic content and has restricted content in FYP (For Your Page) or recommended content.

These new rules from TikTok arrive at the same time as TikTok’s efforts to become available in the United States. The platform is trying to convince lawmakers and regulators that its app is safe for teens.

According to the new community guidelines that will take effect in May, TikTok will add a list of content requirements, so that content from creators is not restricted, so that it can enter the FYP of relevant users.


The list includes several categories that are clearly prohibited, for example sexually suggestive or violent content, and even adds topics that have previously been a source of controversy for the short video app, Engadget reports.

One example is videos containing dangerous activities and challenges, as well as various types of weight loss or diet content. In addition, for users who are under 16 and create content, their content will not appear in FYP on TikTok.

Apart from that, there is some content that is prohibited in FYP, such as content containing baseless conspiracy theories, health misinformation, media showing crowds of people at music concerts expressing political protests, misinformation about current events, and misinformation that interferes with fact checking.

In addition to the rule changes for FYP, TikTok also said that it will begin penalizing content creators who repeatedly ignore these guidelines.

For accounts that violate, their content will not be recommended, or in other words will not be included in FYP. Not only that, their accounts will be even more difficult to find in searches.


To find out whether you are safe or not, the application will provide an account status feature to track whether we have violated the rules or not. (FY/IF)


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