8 Sites to Watch Legal Online Film Streaming in 2024

8 Sites to Watch Legal Online Film Streaming in 2024

Streaming films online has become popular during the pandemic as people work from home. Legal streaming sites in Indonesia include Netflix, iFlix, Viu, and Disney+ Hotstar, offering comfort, quality, and support for filmmakers. Illegal sites like LK21 and IndoXXI are still accessible despite government efforts to block them. Recommended legal streaming sites include Netflix for various genres, iFlix for free content with ads, MaxStream for local and international video content, Viu for Korean dramas, Genflix for affordable options, Amazon Prime Video for Hollywood films, GoPlay for Indonesian content, and Disney+ Hotstar for global and Indonesian content. Choose legal streaming for security and better quality.

Watch streaming film online has become an activity that many people do during the pandemic, because they have to work from home. Various sites streaming There are many legal films available in Indonesia, such as Netflix, iFlix, Viu, and most recently Disney+ Hotstar.

Why should you choose a service streaming which is legal? There are three main reasons. First, watching is more comfortable because you can cross platform.

Second, the quality of the films offered is very good. Of course, there are also options for download movies to watch online offline.

The final reason is that we directly support and appreciate national and international film filmmakers to continue working.

It cannot be denied that even though its status is illegal, many users choose to visit the LK21 site, et al. to get their favorite films.


8 Sites to Watch Legal Online Film Streaming in 2024

Even though the Ministry of Communication and Information claims to have blocked illegal sites, it must be acknowledged that there are still many sites streaming Illegal films that can be watched freely in Indonesia.

Just mention names like LK21 and IndoXXI, or similar which can still be freely found on the internet. In fact, now there are many legal online movie watching sites that you can enjoy, such as Netflix, iFlix, or Disney+ Hotstar.

Actually, there are advantages and disadvantages to legal or illegal streaming sites. But we recommend that you watch on legal film streaming sites, because security is guaranteed.

So, I want to know what viewing sites are recommended streaming film online legal that is fun for you to use as a reference for watching films? Come on, check out the list!

1. Netflix

Streaming film onlineStreaming film online
Netflix movie streaming service (Faisal/Telset)

Netflix is ​​our first recommendation. Service streaming This film is very popular with people around the world who like to watch a variety of the latest films genre and from various countries.

Starting from the Action, Romance, Comedy, Horror genres, and also the latest Korean Drama films that are currently popular. Apart from presenting a variety of films and series, Netflix also has original and best film content that is interesting to watch.

The most fun, there is also subtitle Indonesian in almost every film and series broadcast on Netflix. Want to streaming film online here? Just set aside money starting from IDR 49 thousand per month to subscribe. You can enjoy Netflix shows on your device Android and iOS.

2. iFlix

Watch streaming films onlineWatch streaming films online
iFlix movie streaming service (Faisal/Telset)

Similar to Netflix, the iFlix streaming site can also be an option for you to watch films online. iFlix presents a lot of original film and series content that you can enjoy, including from Indonesia.

Even though it is considered complete, iFlix can be enjoyed as much as you like without charge you know, aka free. However, get ready to be “disturbed” by advertisements in the middle of the film.

Talking about quality, the films and series shown on iFlix are of good quality. You can too download favorite movies on the device Android or iOS to watch live offline at a later date.

3. MaxStream

Streaming film onlineStreaming film online
MaxStream movie streaming service (Faisal/Telset)

Telkomsel is enlivening the industry streaming films in Indonesia via MaxStream. This online movie service allows you to access various video content from channels video on demand local and international.

The films on the MaxStream service have good image quality. There are three package options, namely Free Channel, Basic Channel and Premium Channel. Apart from that, during this pandemic, MaxStream also broadcast online concerts and graduations.

For the price, you only need to spend from IDR 10 thousand kok so you can enjoy various content from MaxStream. Just like Netflix, you can also watch the MaxStream service on your device Android and iOS.

4. See

Watch streaming films onlineWatch streaming films online
Viu film streaming service (Faisal/Telset)

For big fans of Korean dramas, the Viu application is the main choice for watching streaming Korean drama film online legally, and the film collection is many of the latest.

The presentation of Korean films or dramas here is fairly complete. Various image qualities are available, and you can use them subtitle English or Indonesian.

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If you don’t like being disturbed by advertisements while watching, we recommend subscribing to Viu Premium. Because, apart from being able to save content, premium features will also not be disturbed by advertisements. You can enjoy Viu services on your device Android and iOS.

5. Genflix

Streaming Legal Films Substitute for LK21 Streaming Legal Films Substitute for LK21
Genflix film streaming service (Faisal/Telset)

For those of you who have budget Even if it’s tight, Genflix could be an option, because this film streaming platform offers service costs that are relatively more affordable than its competitors.

Genflix can do it for you download past Google Play Store for Android users under the name Genflix 2.0, and also on Apps Store for iOS users. Or you can also visit the site genflix.co.id.

There are several packages you can choose from. Genfilx offers subscription fees starting from IDR 5,000 for a 1 day subscription, IDR 10,000 for a 3 day subscription, and IDR 25,000 for a week or 7 day subscription.

Meanwhile, for those of you who want to take a subscription package for 1 month, the price offered is IDR 49,000. Apart from the regular package, you can also choose other packages, such as the Esports Minipack package and the Minipack Collective Short Films.

Then, how do you pay? Genflix provides a payment system in several ways. You can use GooglePlay vouchers, Doku, BCA Internet Banking, Mandiri, Bank Sinarmas, GoPay, or via credit deduction.

Now, talking about film content, Genflix has minimal inventory. If you look, this film streaming service only has a handful of films that are in the hit category. You can enjoy Genflix on your device Android and also iOS.

6. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video movie streaming service (Faisal/Telset)

Amazon is no less eager to compete in the industry streaming film online. Via Amazon Prime Video, the giant e-commerce Made by Jeff Bezos, it provides a new option for Indonesian people who want to watch streaming film online with a variety of content choices.

There is a wide selection of the latest films here, especially from Hollywood. For those of you who like watching action and suspense films, Amazon Prime Video could be the right choice.

There are various ways to subscribe, one of which is by deducting credit. One operator that serves payments via credit deduction is Tri Indonesia. You can download the Amazon Prime Video application at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

7. GoPlay

GoPlay movie streaming service (Faisal/Telset)

The next recommendation is GoPlay. Platform Made by Gojek, it presents a variety of Indonesian films, and also produces original content. One of the newest content that has just been launched is GoPlay Live, namely watching online concerts.

To enjoy all its services, GoPlay charges a subscription fee starting from IDR 49 thousand. Interestingly, you can get a discount on subscription prices plus Go-Food voucher bonus. You can enjoy this service on your device Android and iOS.

8. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ HotstarDisney+ Hotstar
Disney+Hotstar movie streaming service (Telkomsel Doc)

The final recommendation is Disney+ Hotstar, which was just launched in Indonesia in August 2020. This film streaming service from The Walt Disney Company presents the best global and Indonesian content in one place.

This streaming application combines films blockbuster Hollywood and award-winning content from Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic and more, including exclusive content premieres and best films.

There are more than 500 films and 7,000 episodes of content created by Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, including exclusive access to Disney+ Originals that you can watch.

Disney+ Hotstar in Indonesia in collaboration with Telkomsel offers 4 subscription packages, namely 1 Month Package, 3 Month Package, 6 Month Package and 12 Month Package. Package prices start from IDR 25 thousand to the most expensive IDR 145 thousand.


For those of you Android users, you can download Disney+ Hotstar app on Google Play Storewhile iOS users can download it at Apple App Store.

So, those are the recommended viewing sites streaming film online which offers many of the newest and best films that you can enjoy. Meanwhile, please go to our other articles if you want to stream football for free.

Come on, try one of the services immediately streaming our recommendation. (MF/HBS)


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