12 Foreign Language Learning Applications, Practically Many Language Choices!

12 Foreign Language Learning Applications, Practically Many Language Choices!

The article discusses the importance of learning foreign languages and how smartphones can be used to access various language learning applications for free. It highlights 12 top language learning apps for 2021, such as Memrise, Mondly, Tandem Language Exchange, Busuu, Duolingo, Babbel, Rosetta Stone, HiNative, Cake, Hello English, and Drops. These apps offer interactive, fun, and practical ways to learn languages, including features like direct conversations with native speakers, learning through games, speech recognition, and more. Overall, the article emphasizes the accessibility of language learning resources in the digital age and encourages readers to start learning a new language.

With the rapid development of smartphones, now you can do anything via smartphone. One of them is learning a foreign language online through a foreign language learning application that can be downloaded on a smartphone.

In this day and age, mastering a foreign language is certainly something that is very necessary. Apart from increasing your knowledge, you can also make friends from all over the world.

Many people are hampered by being able to take foreign language courses because the costs are quite expensive. But actually, in the digital era like now, you can take foreign language “courses” for free. Yes, when else can you get free courses?

To be able to learn a foreign language for free, you only need to install a foreign language learning application. You can get foreign language learning applications in application stores, both the App Store for iOS users and the Play Store for Android users.


Well, because there are so many of them, this time Telset.id has selected 12 foreign language learning applications that you can try to learn a new language.

The following are the best foreign language learning applications that you can use in 2021. Come on, look at the complete list below.

1. Memrise

This application has features of learning directly from native speakers, offline use, and trying to become a voice actor are examples of features that you can get from the paid version.

With unique, original and fun learning methods, it’s no wonder that Memrise is many people’s favorite.

This application for learning foreign languages ​​is very fun because it has characteristics like playing games while learning. This application also has a repetitive teaching method that helps you remember important vocabulary easily and of course is equipped with progress and reminder features that you can study when you exit the application.

2. Mondly

This application teaches you what to say in various situations: ordering coffee at a cafe, asking for directions, and asking for help in an emergency. A practical and effective method, but unfortunately you don’t understand the use of grammar as a whole.

This app lets you learn quickly and practically: listen to conversations and everyday conversations from native speakers. Having a ‘speech recognition’ feature will assess how precise your accent, intonation and pronunciation of words are. The learning method is divided into several sessions and adjusted to your abilities and learning speed

3. Tandem Language Exchange


multi-language learning application Tandem Language Exchange

The Tandem Language Exchange app helps you connect with friends who are also committed to learning languages. You can connect via text message, voice message, or video. We love the Tandem learning method. If a translation tool is available when chatting, of course this application will feel more perfect.

This application has a method of learning foreign languages ​​by making friends and chatting directly with members all over the world. Has a special community for learning languages; There is member selection to prevent abuse and interestingly you can hire online teachers at low prices to get private lessons.

4. Bust

foreign language learning applicationforeign language learning application

Busuu is one of the most popular foreign language learning applications in the world. Basically Busuu is present on the website as a foreign language learning forum on the internet. However, the application is also available on Android and iOS with 11 foreign languages ​​that can be learned. However, of course the instructions used to learn foreign languages ​​in Busuu are English.

There are many modules that Busuu offers in its application. In each module, users will find various themes and exercises that can be directly downloaded and accessed. The exercises presented in this learning module in Busuu are very essential.

The scope includes enriching vocabulary, reading and listening to dialogue in a foreign language, to writing text and uploading it to the Busuu community to be corrected by native speakers who also use this application.

5. Duolingo

Through Duolingo, you can learn more than 20 languages ​​in a very easy and fun way. If you are bored of learning a language alone, you can invite your friends or family and create a group together to compete with each other.

Unlike studying at school or courses, the structure of learning a foreign language in this application is designed to be fun with the themes provided. In the basic learning module, users will be taught a variety of vocabulary, starting from nouns, sentences, phrases and so on.

6. Babble

babbel foreign language learning applicationbabbel foreign language learning application

With the Babbel application, you can learn various languages ​​in the world directly via your smartphone. Babbel provides 14 languages ​​that can be learned, such as Spanish, German, Italian, Indonesian and so on.

This online foreign language learning application also provides various levels of learning, from beginner to advanced. So you can adapt to the abilities you have.

7. Rosetta Stone

hello foreign language learning application.hello foreign language learning application.
Rosetta Stone

When compared to the previous application, this application called Rosetta Stone provides a greater number of languages ​​that can be learned. You can learn approximately 22 foreign languages ​​in this application.

The fun thing is, this application provides a lot of learning material according to daily conversations, such as basics, greetings, introductions, to school and shopping.

Even more interesting, you can also communicate with other users who are studying together in this application.

8. HiNative

learn a foreign languagelearn a foreign language

The next application that you can use to learn a foreign language is HiNative. Different from other language learning applications, this application has a question and answer learning system.

This question and answer is conducted directly with native language speakers, so you can learn directly from those who are already fluent in the language. You can download this application for free on the Google Play Store.

9. Tandem Language Exchange

Tandem learning a foreign languageTandem learning a foreign language

This application made by Tripod Technology GmbH is the next recommendation for those of you who want to learn a foreign language. Tandem provides learning in up to 150 languages ​​and 2,500 language combinations.

You can converse with native speakers while learning the foreign language. For those of you who want to learn more intensively, the application provides private tutors online at an affordable price.

10. Cake

Cake learns a foreign languageCake learns a foreign language

Not an application for making cakes, Cake is an application for learning English. Through the Cake application, you can learn English through short conversations.

The conversation is made in video form and is subtitled in Indonesian and other languages. With this you can more easily learn English sentences and grammar.

This application was first released in 2018 and you can download it directly for free via the Google Play Store.

11. Hello English

Hello English learn the languageHello English learn the language
Hello English

As the name suggests, this application will invite you to learn English easily via smartphone. Hello English can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.

The Hello English application offers various features, such as interactive lessons, language topics, conversations in English, and learning materials that can be accessed offline.

What’s more interesting, this application also provides interactive games that invite you to translate, read, grammar and test your vocabulary in English.

12. Drops

Foreign language learning application with dropsForeign language learning application with drops

Next there is an application called Drops. This application provides learning in various languages, such as English, German, Indonesian, Korean, Arabic, Thai and many others.


What’s interesting about this application, Drops provides game-based learning so you won’t get bored learning in this application. Various vocabulary from the language you are learning will appear in the form of illustrations like in the game.

This application has been recorded as having been downloaded 1 million times on the Google Play Store. For those of you who are interested, you can download it directly for free.

That’s the recommendation for learning the latest foreign language. So, what language do you want to start learning? (HBS)


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