12 Best Applications to Support Ramadan Fasting 2024

12 Best Applications to Support Ramadan Fasting 2024

Ramadan has arrived and Muslims worldwide are fasting for a month. There are various Ramadan applications available on cellphones to support fasting, providing prayer schedules, Quran e-books, and Qibla directions. These apps allow users to focus on worship instead of social media distractions. Recommendations include Muslim Pocket, Ramadan Tarawih & Prayer Guide, Ramadan Practice, Let’s Fast, Muslim Mate, Umma, Indonesian Sunnah Study Schedule, Ramadan Remembrance & Prayer, Hi Muslim, Muslim Pro, Muna Muslims, and Athan. These apps offer features such as prayer schedules, Islamic quizzes, and Quranic prayers, making it easier to observe Ramadan and gain rewards.

 The month of Ramadan has arrived. Muslims all over the world observe fasting for a whole month. To make fasting even more blessed, there are many of the best Ramadan applications to support fasting that can be downloaded on your cellphone.

Ramadan fasting support applications can help you to carry out your worship to the fullest. Because, this type of application does not only provide a prayer schedule or a guide to performing tarawih prayers.

Ramadan applications are usually supported with additional features such as features e-book Al-Qur’an, a collection of prayers and dhikr, information about the nearest mosque, and also the direction of the Qibla.

With the Ramadan application, you can also focus more on worship. Instead of opening a social media application or e-commerceyou can open the fasting application to do Al-Qur’an tadarus or read dhikr and prayers.

For this reason, for those of you who want to get lots of rewards in the month of Ramadhan 1445 Hijriah, this time the team The telephone will provide complete information regarding recommendations for the 12 best applications to support Ramadan fasting in 2024. Come on, take a look!


1. Muslim Pocket Ramadan

Muslim Pocket could be an option for those of you who are fasting during Ramadan. This Ramadan application provides a complete prayer schedule and fasting schedule. Both schedules can be adjusted to the location where you live.

Furthermore, Muslim Pocket also provides an e-book of the Al Quran complete with translations and Qibla directions. This Ramadan application also provides a Hijri calendar that you can access to find out when the Ramadan fasting schedule and Eid are.

2. Guide to Tarawih and Ramadan Prayers

Ramadan application Ramadan application
Ramadhan Tarawih & Prayer Guide

Sunnah Tarawih prayer is one of the acts of worship that can only be performed in the holy month of Ramadan. For that, this Ramadan application provides complete guidance on tarawih prayers and prayers in the holy month.

This application developed by Turi Putih Studio is suitable for those of you who want to say lots of prayers and gain rewards in the holy month. This application is suitable for those of you planning to perform tarawih prayers alone or in congregation.

3. Practice of the month of Ramadan

Ramadan application Ramadan application
Ramadan practice

The practice of the month of Ramadan will give you a lot of educational content about Ramadan. Starting from the virtues of the month of Ramadan, the virtues of fasting, the laws of Ramadan fasting to the conditions for fasting Ramadan.

This content is presented in full in this application created by Imam Studio. The Ramadan Practice Application is very suitable for those of you who want to know more about Ramadan fasting so you can observe it more solemnly and maximally.

4. Let’s fast

Ramadan applicationRamadan application
Let’s fast

Ayo Fasting makes it easier for you to carry out fasting in the month of Ramadan. This fasting application has complete features to support fasting starting from the Hijri calendar, e-book fasting jurisprudence and other features.

Ayo Puasa is also equipped with information about fasting such as fasting on Mondays and Thursdays and fasting in the month of Shawwal. All this information is available on Ayo Puasa which you can download for free.

5. Muslim Mate

Ramadan application Ramadan application
Muslim Mate

Muslim Mate presents the prayer and fasting schedule for Ramadan 1445 Hijriah. Apart from that, Muslim Mate also provides Qibla direction features and information on the nearest mosque. Muslim Mate can be a friend for Muslims to fast during Ramadan.

Muslim Mate helps you to know the Hijri calendar. This is because this application always presents the latest Hijri calendar list so you can find out the start of the Ramadan fast and the Eid al-Fitr holiday.


6. Umma

Umma RamadhanUmma Ramadhan

This fasting application provides a variety of information related to prayer, fasting and the Koran. This application has several main features such as “Read the Koran”, “Prayer Schedule”, “Adhan”, “Islamic Calendar”, “Qibla and Daily Content” in the form of Islamic articles.

The “Prayer and Adhan Schedule” seems very necessary for those who are fasting. Because the start and end of fasting is based on the time of morning and evening prayers.

The “Prayer Schedule” system feature is very accurate because it is adjusted to the user’s location. Apart from that, there is a complete call to prayer notification with audio as a prayer time marker, so that it can better remind users when prayer time arrives.

7. Indonesian Sunnah Study Schedule

Ramadan application Ramadan application
Indonesian Sunnah Study Schedule

Carrying out the worship of fasting is not only to resist hunger and thirst. During a whole month, Muslims are given the opportunity of many rewards if they want to do various other activities such as prayer, almsgiving and learning religious knowledge in a Sunnah study.

As the name suggests, this Ramadan application makes it easy for you to get the sunnah study schedule around them. This application makes it easy to find mosques or places that are holding science assemblies.

The Indonesian Sunnah Study also provides information about ustadz, the title of the study and the time the science assembly is held, so that you can fill your fasting time with positive activities and get rewards.

8. Ramadan Remembrance & Prayer

This application contains various prayers that occur in the Koran. Dhikr & Quran Ramadan 2022 provides writing in Arabic and Latin format as well audio to make it easier for users to recite prayers.

This application for the month of Ramadan can help those of you who want to know prayers related to safety, ease of getting good fortune, thanksgiving and various prayers that you can offer to Allah SWT.

9. Hi Muslim

Ramadan application Ramadan application
Hi Muslim

This application is here to support fasting and other religious activities in the month of Ramadan. The Hi Muslim application provides many features related to worship schedules, Islamic quizzes and wise Islamic quotes and mosque locations.

You can use this mosque location feature when you are traveling. Through this feature, you can find several mosques that you can visit and perform prayers there.

10. Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro claims to be the most accurate prayer and adhan time reminder application, and is recognized by more than 50 million Muslims worldwide. Muslim Pro also has features “Fasting Time”, “Tasbih” and “Halal Restaurant Locations” around you.

These features are quite unique. Through the “Fasting Time” feature, you can find out the schedule for imsak and breaking the fast during the month of Ramadan.

Apart from that, there is a tasbih feature that can count the number of your dhikr and the location of halal restaurants that can be used when the time to break the fast gets closer.

11. Muna Muslims

Muna Muslims Muna Muslims

Carrying out fasting this year is even easier using Muslim Muna. The Muna Muslim application provides complete features, starting from a Qibla finder application, hadith quotes and Islamic articles.

Apart from that, especially during the month of Ramadan, there is a feature called Ramadan 2024 which provides complete information about Ramadan as well as a zakat calculator.

12. Athan

Athan RamadanAthan Ramadan

Lastly there is Athan. This application provides a complete Ramadan schedule from all regions in Indonesia. Then there are also prayers for the intention of fasting, breaking the fast and tarawih prayers which can help you carry out your fast.


These are the 12 Ramadan fasting applications that we recommend for you. Hopefully these 12 applications can help you worship and gain rewards in the month of Ramadan 1445 Hijriah. team Telset.id wish all Telset friends a happy fasting worship. (HBS)


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