10 Eid Greeting Card Applications, Easy and Free!

10 Eid Greeting Card Applications, Easy and Free!

With the advancement of technology, sending digital Eid greeting cards has become popular. Various applications are available for free to create personalized Eid cards for friends and family. Some applications also offer features like adding photos and sharing on social media platforms. Examples of recommended Eid greeting card applications include Card Design: Eid and Ramadan, Eid Al-Fitr Greeting Card 2023, Greeting Card Maker Application, Canva, and more. These applications make it easy to design attractive cards with various templates, stickers, and effects. Users can create customized cards for different occasions and share them with their loved ones.

Telset.id – Giving cards containing Eid greetings is one of the traditions on Eid al-Fitr. It’s just that as technology develops, there are several applications that can be used to make Eid cards and greetings and can be downloaded for free.

It won’t be long before we enter Eid al-Fitr 1445 Hijriah or Eid 2024. As in previous years, this moment is celebrated with various activities, one of which is sending Eid greeting cards to friends, family or relatives.

The gift was given as an expression of congratulations on celebrating Eid al-Fitr 1445 Hijriah, as well as to apologize physically and mentally for all the mistakes made. Usually greeting cards are given in physical form accompanied by parcels.

Now greeting cards for Eid al-Fitr 1445 Hijriah can be given digitally and made easily from a smartphone. Because, there is an application for making Eid greeting cards that can be accessed easily and for free. Below are recommendations for 10 Eid greeting card applications that you can download.


1. Card Design: Eid and Ramadan

Eid Greeting Card Application Eid Greeting Card Application

This Eid greeting card design application offers various greeting templates, card designs and stickers with the theme of Eid al-Fitr. You can create various templates as you wish to send to your beloved family.

This application has received a rating of 4.2 out of 5 by users, and has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times.

2. Eid Al-Fitr Greeting Card 2023

Eid Al-Fitr 1444 Hijri Greeting Card ApplicationEid Al-Fitr 1444 Hijri Greeting Card Application

Next there is the 2024 Eid Al-Fitr Greeting Card. This application made by Zikri Studio provides dozens of Eid greeting templates. Everything is free and you can also add photos of yourself and your family.

Apart from Eid greeting cards, this application also provides a Twibbon feature which can be posted on Instagram, WhatsApp and other social media.

3. Eid Al-Fitr 2024 Greeting Card

Eid greeting card application Eid greeting card application

Eid Al-Fitr Greeting Cards 2023 provides convenience to users. Just choose the available template and words, then enter the best photo and the card can be downloaded to share with relatives.

You can also share these greeting cards via social media such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

4. Greeting Card Design

Greeting Card Design Greeting Card Design

This application can also be an option for designing cards more easily, because it can be done via cellphone. There are many examples of Eid-themed designs along with writing accents and supporting accessories.

Then this application made by Desygner Pty Ltd can also be used to make greeting cards for other occasions such as birthdays, happy marriages and so on.

5. Idul Fitri 2024 Photo Frames

Eid Greeting Card ApplicationEid Greeting Card Application

Eid Al-Fitr 2023 Photo Frames can be an option if you want to create easy greeting content. In this application there are many models and you just have to enter the photos.

Then there is also the Eid Twibbon template, which you can also use to share with your friends and family on Instagram and Facebook.


6. Greeting Card Maker Application

Greeting card makerGreeting card maker

This application can be accessed for free via smartphone. Just download it on the Play Store and App Store, then start arranging the cards according to your wishes. Then share it with your loved ones using social media applications.

This application made by JSG Developers also provides greeting designs with other themes such as greetings for wedding anniversaries, Halloween greetings, Christmas and so on.

7. Canva

Canva App Canva App

Canva is also included in the Eid card application category. The reason is, you can make attractive greeting cards through this application. You can take advantage of various design examples, writing fonts and effects that are available for free on Canva.

8. Creative Cards: Create Greeting E-Cards

Creative cards: Create e-cardsCreative cards: Create e-cards

Creating beautiful e-cards is now very easy with this application. Just choose a nice greeting card from thousands of templates, add attractive stickers, write warm text and apply amazing filters or effects.

As a result, you will get an interesting card, which you can give to your beloved friends or family.

9. Greeting Card Maker – GreetArt

Greeting Card Maker - GreetArtGreeting Card Maker - GreetArt

Greeting Card Maker – GreetArt is often used to make greeting cards for birthdays, weddings, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and other holidays. However, with a little touch of creativity you can use Justwink to make Eid greeting cards.

10. All Wishes & Greetings Maker

All Wishes & Greetings MakerAll Wishes & Greetings Maker

There are many choices of greeting card templates, one of which is Eid greetings. Then there are also various choices of stickers, filters and writing fonts that can be used to be creative in making cards.

Apart from the Eid al-Fitr holiday, All Wishes & Greetings Maker can also be used to make greeting cards with other themes.


That’s information about 10 applications for making Eid greeting cards that are easy and free. Hopefully this is useful and please choose your favorite application. (NM/HBS)


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