10 Best and Lightest PSP Emulators for Android Phones in 2024

10 Best and Lightest PSP Emulators for Android Phones in 2024

There are plenty of PSP emulators available for Android, some of which are light and suitable for low-end devices. While there are many games on Android inspired by PSP games, it’s better to play original PSP games using an emulator. Popular options include PPSSPP, PSPlay, PPSSPP Gold, Rocket PSP Emulator, and Rapid PSP Emulator. RetroArch offers compatibility with various game consoles, including PSP. Sunshine Emulator provides a smooth gaming experience, while Classic Emulator for PSP Free allows users to play PSP and NES games for free. DamonPS2 Pro offers cheat code support, and PSP Emulator Pro is considered the lightest and best emulator for Android. Try one of these emulators to enjoy playing PSP games on your Android device.

┬áThere are lots of PSP emulators for Android. In fact, some of them are also PSP emulators which are relatively light and suitable for your “potato” Android cellphone.

Whether you realize it or not, on Android there are quite a lot of games inspired by console games such as PSP or PlayStation Portable. But for the most part, the game has gameplay or a storyline that is not close to the original game on the console.

Instead of playing games that are just inspired, it’s better to play original PSP games on your favorite cellphone using a PSP emulator for Android. True, or not?

There are many best and lightest PSP emulators that can be used on Android phones. You just have to install it, and you can immediately play PSP on Android. Solet’s look at the recommendations for PSP emulators for Android cellphones.



The best lightweight PSP emulator for AndroidThe best lightweight PSP emulator for Android

PPSSPP is a PSP emulator for Android that is popular among users smartphone Android. Almost all game Existing PSPs can be played on an Android PSP emulator, and it won’t be difficult for you to find the game you want to play.

The reason is, PPSSPP provides a special site that contains a collection of PSP games for free. Even so, PPSSPP is a free application, so users will often see advertisements when running it. You can be free from advertisements if you buy the premium version.

2. PSPlay

The best lightweight PSP emulator for AndroidThe best lightweight PSP emulator for Android

Next, there is PSPlay which is also the best PSP emulator for Android, which offers many features and easy control for its users. PSPLay is now supported by various new features, especially to maximize the experience of playing PSP games on Android phones with limited specifications.

In fact, there is a feature to save the game so you can continue it again. Like PPSSPP, this PSP emulator for Android is also available for free with the consequence that advertisements appear when the user is playing game.

3. PPSSPP Gold

The best lightweight PSP emulator for AndroidThe best lightweight PSP emulator for Android

PPSSPP Gold is the premium version of the PPSSPP application. Users who want to use it only need to spend around Rp. 19 thousand, and will get a number of additional features, including getting game PSP for android on a special site for free.

The advantage is that PPSSPP Gold is able to run almost everything game PSP with high graphics on an Android cellphone. Apart from that, users will also gain experience smooth and comfortable when playing game when using it.

4. Rocket PSP Emulator

PSP emulator for freePSP emulator for free
Rocket PSP Emulator

Next is the Rocket PSP Emulator which is built based on PPSSPP sources, with a number of features and advantages similar to PPSSPP.

However, this does not mean that this emulator “looks plagiarized”, because users still get a smooth experience, light without lagging when running favorite PSP games which can be obtained from game provider sites, including PPSSPP.

5. Rapid PSP Emulator

PSP emulator for freePSP emulator for free
Rapid PSP Emulator

For those of you who are looking for a free PSP emulator on Android, Rapid PSP Emulator could be an option. There are quite a lot of games that can be played here. You can also install PSP games in .ISO, .CSO and .ROM formats in the Rapid PSP Emulator.

This application also provides controller settings that are easy for users to adjust. For those of you who have a “potato Android cellphone”, this device is also suitable for use. Guaranteed, playing the game will be smooth!

6. RetroArch

RetroArch PSP

Another best Android emulator is RetroArch. This application can be used to play PSP games on Android phones. Apart from PSP, there are a number of other game console models that can be used, such as PSX, SNES, NES, Game Boy, and others. However, RetroArch is quite difficult to use. Why?

Because, this application uses the Libretro system which requires users to choose a UI that suits the type of game they want to play.

7. Sunshine Emulator

Sunshine Emulator PSP

Sunshine is a lightweight PSP emulator application for Android phones. This application offers a fun gaming experience, and can display games in HD quality.

Even though it runs on a spec cellphone low-end, Sunshine Emulator can still allow users to play games very smoothly. It’s worth a try!

8. Classic Emulator for PSP Free

Classic for PSP FreeClassic for PSP Free
Classic Emulator for PSP Free

Next! There is Classis Emulator for PSP Free. As the name suggests, you can install this application for free, aka free at no cost.

Not only does it allow users to play PSP games, this best free PSP emulator on Android can also be used to play NES games. Exciting, right?

9. DamonPS2 Pro

DamonPS2 ProDamonPS2 Pro
DamonPS2 Pro

Even though the name contains elements of “PS2”, DamonPS2 Pro is a PSP Android emulator that you can install. FamonPS2 Pro can run most existing PSP games.

In fact, this application can also allow users to use cheat codes via the gamepad provided. Indeed, DamonPS2 Pro is a paid application. However, this emulator worth-it for you to buy and use.

10. PSP Emulator Pro

The best lightweight PSP emulator for AndroidThe best lightweight PSP emulator for Android
PSP Emulator Pro

The final recommendation is PSP Emulator Pro. You can play almost all PSP games here.

PSP Emulator Pro can also be said to be the lightest and best emulator application that you can try on your Android phone. Starting from the controller and UI provided, it is also easy to customize and use by PSP gamers.


Wellthose are the recommendations for the best and lightest PSP emulator that you can run on smartphone Android. Come on, try one of the applications immediately so you can play PSP games. (FY/HBS)


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