10 Applications for Children During Ramadan, Best Choices 2024

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Recommended Apps for Children During Ramadan: A Comprehensive Guide

Ensuring that children engage in positive activities during Ramadan is crucial. Parents play a vital role in guiding their children towards beneficial practices to enhance their fasting experience. In the digital age, special apps on the Play Store can significantly aid this endeavor. Here, we provide an in-depth look at twelve recommended apps for children during Ramadan, all available for free on the Google Play Store.

1. Sholeh Children’s Game

Sholeh Children’s Game by Agate Studio offers a unique blend of Islamic education and entertainment. This app includes:

  • Exciting stories
  • Mini-games
  • Daily prayers
  • Prayer tutorials
  • Stories of prophets
  • Encyclopedias

Designed with engaging animations and sound effects, it ensures children learn Islamic values while enjoying themselves.

2. Muslim Children’s Prayer Marbel + Voice

Muslim Children’s Prayer Marbel + Voice helps children aged 2 to 8 learn daily prayers. Key features include:

  • Interactive prayer tutorials
  • Voice narration for easy learning
  • Engaging visuals

This app fosters a habit of regular prayer from a young age, making it an excellent tool for Ramadan.

3. Marbel Learns to Recite the Koran

Marbel Learns to Recite the Koran is perfect for children aged 3-8. It teaches:

  • Recognition of hijaiyah letters (A Ba Ta)
  • Reading hijaiyah letters with harokats (Fathah, Dummah, Kasroh)
  • Reading with tanwin harokats

The app combines learning with fun through games, animations, and sound narrations, making Quranic recitation enjoyable.

4. Muslim Children Coloring Book

Muslim Children Coloring Book is an interactive app where children can:

  • Learn about manners, etiquette, and prayer
  • Use various coloring tools like paint brushes, buckets, and erasers

This app transforms learning into a fun and creative activity.

5. Learn to Write Hijaiyah

Learn to Write Hijaiyah aids children in recognizing and writing hijaiyah letters. Features include:

  • Interactive animations
  • Lessons translated into Indonesian
  • Fun drawing and writing activities

This app keeps children engaged and enthusiastic while waiting to break their fast.

6. Learn to Pray

Learn to Pray guides children aged 4 to 8 through prayer movements and supplications. It offers:

  • Step-by-step prayer tutorials with narratives
  • Games to test prayer knowledge

This app makes learning prayer movements an interactive and enjoyable experience.

7. Muslim Children’s Prayer

Muslim Children’s Prayer is a simple app that teaches various daily prayers, such as:

  • Prayers before and after sleeping
  • Prayers for entering and leaving the bathroom
  • Prayers before and after eating

Its visual aids ensure children remain interested and learn effectively.

8. Story of 25 Prophets and Messengers for Children

Story of 25 Prophets and Messengers for Children provides stories of prophets, enriching children’s understanding of Islamic history. This app is ideal for:

  • Engaging storytelling
  • Learning about the miracles of the prophets

It’s a great companion for children during Ramadan.

9. Study Islam

Study Islam covers comprehensive Islamic teachings, including:

  • Procedures for ablution and prayer
  • Daily prayers
  • Pillars of Islam and faith
  • Asmaul Husna

With its colorful interface, it captures children’s attention and simplifies learning.

10. Marbel Asmaul Husna

Marbel Asmaul Husna helps parents teach children about Asmaul Husna through:

  • Interactive games
  • Audio-based learning materials

This app makes learning the names of Allah a captivating experience.

11. Islamic Religious Education Marbel

Marbel Islamic Religious Education offers a wide range of information about Islam in a game-like format, including:

  • Quranic lessons
  • Stories of prophets
  • Asmaul Husna

It’s a comprehensive tool for educating children about Islam during Ramadan.

12. Islamic Intelligence

Islamic Intelligence provides interactive quizzes on various Islamic topics such as:

  • Ablution
  • Zakat
  • Fiqh
  • Tawhid
  • Hajj

This app makes learning about Islam fun and engaging through gamified content.


These twelve apps offer an excellent way for parents to ensure their children engage in positive activities during Ramadan. By utilizing these tools, children can learn and enjoy their time while observing the holy month. For more app recommendations, check out the Telset Apps channel on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

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